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Public Offering of Technical Ideas (R&D program for Advanced Instrumentation System for Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants)

Jul 12 2012
Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Japanese nuclear power plant manufacturers (Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, Ltd., TOSHIBA CORPORATION, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.) have carried the R&D program for Advanced Instrumentation System for Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants.

We will hold a "Public Offering of Technical Ideas". In "Public Offering of Technical Ideas", we will accept ideas widely from industries besides the nuclear industry and select "Hydrogen Gas Monitor" for parameters that are technologically hard to develop. Details about "Public Offering of Technical Ideas" are shown below and we are waiting for your proposal.

~ Public Offering of Technical Ideas (R&D program for Advanced Instrumentation System for Severe Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants) ("Safety Enhancement for LWRs" program in FY2012) ~

■Deadline: 15:00(JST) on Aug 21 (Tue.), 2012
■Application Submittal: Please email your proposal and supporting document by deadline.
The addressee is shown below.
Subject: (Proposal) Public Offering of Technical Ideas
(Contact Information: Please send your question, etc. to same e-mail address.)

Please refer to the result summary about the sessions held on Jun. 29 (Fri.).


If I have a technical idea as "Category-1," how should I do?
There is a possibility that a problem about intellectual property occurs in the case that applicant's proposal and our development plan correspond. So, in this "Public Offering of Technical Ideas, "we don't accept technical idea basically. On the other hand, if there is good idea as "Category-1," we would like to examine it. So, please contact us via e-mail. The addressee is "t_idea@eis.iec.toshiba.co.jp".
About "Kind of fluid" in the specification, does it need to consider a radioactive gas?
Requirement for a radioactive gas isn't mentioned in the specification. But requirements have to be taken into consideration to apply to the existing Nuclear Power Plants. If you have any information about it, please explain about it in your supporting document.
Requirement in Points of attention; It is described as "It is desirable to be usable more than 3 days under environmental condition (temperature, relative humidity and pressure)." What does it mean?
It requires maintaining its functions under severe condition (temperature, pressure, etc.)
Is it necessary to attach product catalog as supporting document?
If you have product catalog, photo, test data, patent gazette, please attach it as supporting document. If not, please attach diagram, etc.
If attachment file size is over 2MB, how should I do?
Please email as it is, or divide several files and email them separately. If you send several emails separately, please mention it in your mail body.
In the case that an agency (a trading company, etc.) of supplier makes application submittal, how should I describe " (1) Information of proposer" in proposal format?
Please describe information both an agency and a supplier.
In the R&D, does it develop various hydrogen gas monitors for BWR and PWR?
Environmental condition is different between BWR and PWR. In the specification, No.1 to 3 is for BWR and No.4 to 5 is for PWR. If hydrogen gas monitor satisfy environmental condition at both BWR and PWR, we develop one hydrogen gas monitor in the R&D. If not, we develop two type of hydrogen gas monitor for BWR and PWR.
Is it necessary to satisfy all requirements in the specification besides "Points of attention?"
It isn't. Please describe specifications of your idea in your proposal.
What is consideration point for SOx under high temperature condition?
There is a possibility that sulfur and/of SOx is generated by heating cable and structural material under high temperature. If monitor performance degradation occurs with sulfur and/of SOx, it needs countermeasure for it.
Does equipment have to be installed in a reactor building? With optical fiber able to transmit for long distance, there is a feasibility that a detector is in a reactor building and other measuring equipments are outside a reactor building. Is an idea such a system configuration accepted?
Outside installation of measuring equipments are accepted if it can measure monitoring parameter.
Although it is described as "It should have Radiation resistance" in the specification, I can not make judgment "Meet" or "Not meet" to this requirement. Will you judge it instead of applicant by considering my proposal document?
Please describe any knowledge of radiation resistant regardless whether it is under assumption. If your description is written under the assumption, please let us know. We will judge by your description and other items whether your idea meet the requirement.