Nuclear Power Plant Simulator

We provide a variety of nuclear Power plant simulator for plant opetators training and plant staff education,seving customers' needs and requests.

Hitachi Nuclear Power Plant simulator is based on Hitachi's great deal of experties and experience in deliveriing real nuclear power plants.

Full Scope Simulator

  1. Full Scope Simulator 3D display model of reactor core (option)Full Scope Simulator
    Provides the capability to train plant operators in a replica Main Control Room that represents the Main Control Consoles and the Wide Display Panel
  2. Virtual-Reality Simulator Virtual-Reality SimulatorVirtual-Reality Simulator
    Provides plant operation scene in the Main Cintrol Room by using Virtual-Rwality technology
  3. PC Simulator PC SimulatorPC Simulator
    Provides plant operation training environment in cost-effective manner
  4. Plant Operation CAI Plant Operation CAIPlant Operation CAI
    Provides the capability for specific traning and education purpose
    CAI:Computer-Assisted Instruction